Throughout the year, members of the community are invited to get involved with the Missouri S&T iGEM team through our informational events. Each event aims to teach the nature and importance of our project and why participation from our community is just as important as the research being done in the lab.


White Nose Syndrome Symposium
September 15, 2015
Four experts in White-Nose Syndrome and bats spoke to our team and members of the public in a free, open seminar. We educated the community on the threat of WNS and steps they can take to prevent its spread in our own state, which has been deeply affected. Dr. Lynn Robbins of Missouri State University introduced bats’ lifestyles and several species native to Missouri before describing their importance and his research regarding how our state’s bat populations have changed in response to White-Nose Syndrome. Shelly Colatskie of the Missouri Department of Conservation delved into the complexities of cave ecology, explaining how bats are vital to the survival of entire ecosystems and diverse species. Also from the MDC, Anthony Elliot provided statistics on the effects of WNS in Missouri, describing conservation efforts being taken by state agencies and guidelines for the general public to prevent spreading of the fungus. Lastly, Dr. Sarah Hooper recounted research into preventing WNS development using volatile organic compounds and the emissions of bacteria native to the bats’ skin. Before members of the public were invited to ask our presenters about WNS, our team gave an overview of our 2015 project, which aims to limit the spread of White-Nose Syndrome.


Exploring Synthetic Biology
April 29, 2015
Exploring Synthetic Biology is a hands-on workshop to educate S&T students about iGEM and Synthetic Biology. The event will have a short presentation about genetically modified organisms, a biology-themed jeopardy with prizes, and an activity where students “create” their own glow-in-the-dark plasmid.


The Science Behind the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
April 2, 2015
iGEM educates students in English 1120 about biological techniques and recent advances in biology through a fun and interactive workshop. With support from the English department, students receive a scientific background so they can better understand Rebecca Skloot’s award winning book they read for class.


Bat Day
March 5, 2015
Bat day is an interactive experience where S&T students learn about White Nose Syndrome and how it affects Missouri’s bats and caves. There will be games and prizes, and even a cave simulator provided by our co-host, the MSM Spelunking Club!


Soup Fundraisers
Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 11am in the Schrenk Biological Sciences Lounge
Members of the iGEM team cook a variety of homemade soups and sides to sell and raise money for future projects and activities. A favorite of faculty and staff on campus, the number and variety of soups continues to grow as iGEM grows.


Open Lab with Helix
March 2, 2015
The iGEM lab presents the team’s work at the semiannual Biological Sciences Department Open Lab. The event, hosted by the Helix organization, allows various labs the chance to show their projects to professors, students, and other organizations on campus.


National Engineers Week
February 28, 2015
iGEM team members visit the St. Louis Science Center to showcase genetically modified bacteria made in the iGEM lab, and demonstrate the potential of synthetic biology.


St. Patrick’s Henna
St. Patrick’s Day events are an important and joyous tradition at Missouri S&T. Every St. Patrick’s Day, members of iGEM set up shop on campus and paint henna designs on delighted individuals. Henna is paste made from a plant that can be drawn on and stains the skin a brown color, resulting a temporary tattoo. Designs can be anything from shamrocks to chemical structures to flowers.